Table banking project

Table banking project started in the year 2006 under the main Prisoner Rehabilitation Programme (PREP). The project is currently working with 34 community groups within Central province, Nairobi province and some parts of Rift valley region. It while implementing the main Prisoner Rehabilitation Programme (PREP) in working with community groups formed around Ex-prisoners and training them in sustainable agriculture, food processing and appropriate technology that we realized that majority of community members did not have easy access to credit facilities and lacked the financial capability to implement most of the skills and technologies they had acquired in the course of training.

In addiction to the financial impediment, community members did not have a saving culture. To improve the capacity of community groups to set up income generating projects, RODI creatively introduced the Table banking concept and processes to mobilize local resources to enable the group members implement their dream projects. The project involves building the capacity of community members realize the many resources they a endowed with and enable them to utilize the resources in a sustainable manner.

The project encourages community members to save some money every month within the group shares which is also loaned and operates as revolving fund. The money build-up as shares forms a revolving fund within the group and from it members take short term or long terms loans as they repay previous loans at low interest rate to build on the group revolving fund. In addition to supporting the community groups to transact table banking business, RODI builds the capacity of group members in natural resource management, sustainable agriculture, production of high value crops, indigenous vegetables, herbs and spices. Other skills provided are in the areas of food processing/value addition and appropriate technology.


Table banking project being an initiative to enable community group members build their financial base and to start small enterprises has proved to be an effective way of local resource mobilization among the groups RODI works with. The groups have gone beyond financing household activities into small business creation through saving, borrowing their own money and repaying at some interest. The Table Banking project has also proved to Community Livelihood Improvement Groups (CLIG) members that with little or no external support they can take charge of their own development and destiny. In addition, the project has enabled community members to uphold a saving culture.

Group members regard the initiative very highly since they are now able to acquire soft loans which assist in improving their livelihoods. Some of the group members have acquired long term loans to start business.

In the course of project implementation, we have realized that the demand for RODI services has increased rapidly within community groups. The revolving fund within each group still remains inadequate to allow every member to acquire sufficient amount of money as loan and be involved in income generating projects.

This has called for RODI to come up with strategies to build up group capacity by topping up on their revolving fund. RODI calls for well wishers and potential donors to support the table banking project in terms of training funds and seed money to top up on the group revolving funds. The interest earned from the money injected to the groups as seed money will be given to other needy groups and community members. This will in future form a revolving fund for all community groups.

RODI takes Table banking as one of the key participatory approaches that empowers communities to identify and mobilize their local resources.


list of Table Banking groups RODI works with.

  1. Victory S.H.G
  2. Happy  Moments S.H.G
  3. Urumwe S.H.G
  4. New Rally Gachororo S.H.G
  5. Great Hope Mataara S.H.G
  6. Wema Mutimumu S.H.G
  7. Wisdom Kijiko S.H.G
  8. Muhuri Road Organics
  9. Munyaka S.H.G
  10. Jipe moyo Mataara S.H.G B
  11. Bethsaida S.H.G
  12. Chobe S.H.G
  13. Choka S.H.G
  14. Fort Jesus S.H.G
  15. Jipemoyo Mataara S.H.G. A
  16. Ndarugo S.H.G
  17. Maono Quarry S.H.G
  18. Arahuka S.H.G
  19. Neema S.H.G
  20. Mwanzo S.H.G.
  21. Nuru Sh.G.
  22. Jitolee Mutimumu .
  23. Kaguama Utheri S.H.G
  24. Kanunga S.H.G
  25. Kijiko Upendo S.H.G
  26. Kimuri S.H.G
  27. Kirathimo S.H.G
  28. Kirima S.H.G
  29. Leviticus S.H.G
  30. Local Four S.H.G
  31. Mwihoko S.H.G
  32. Muruaki S.H.G
  33. Brethren S.H.G
  34. NYS S.H.G
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