Prisoner Rehabilitation Package

To prepare prisoners for life after prison and to make them acceptable and play a role in poverty reduction prisoners are trained in the following:

  • Sustainable agriculture/ Organic farming
  • Food processing and value addition: Milk product e.g. yoghurt, butter, gee, mala, milkshake etc.
  • Fruit products processing e.g. jam, marmalade, juice, chutney, ketchup, tomato sauce, tomato puri, pickles, banana crisps etc.
  • Making cordial juices and tomatoes sauce.
  • Making of Soya products e.g. Soya milk, Soya meat, Soya beverage, Soya cakes/biscuits etc
  • Making confectionery
  • Baking
  • Processing tuber products e.g. sweet potato, Irish potato, arrow roots, cassava  crisps, chips, flour etc
  • Vegetable drying, flour and juice making
  • Chemical processing:
  • Liquid detergent, shampoo, disinfectant and hand shampoo making
  • Fabric decoration: tie and dye, screen printing
  • Apiculture and making of bee products
  • Sericulture- silk production
  • Mori culture- growing of mulberry
  • Mushroom growing
  • Growing of herbs
  • Fish keeping,
  • Table banking
  • Computer training etc.




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