School- Based Crime Prevention and Life skills Project

 The overall goal of school-based Crime Prevention and life skills project is to enhance the capacity of schools as a center for crime prevention and self-reliance by equipping pupils with practical and life skills for improving livelihoods during and after leaving school.


The project aims at:

  • Strengthening the capacity of primary schools in Kenya to play a role in promotion of sustainable agriculture and crime prevention. 
  • Enhancing the capacity of school communities in addressing crime and violence situations for holistic development and crime prevention. 
  • Nurturing a culture of crime and violence free pupils and schools as a way of stemming the influx of young people into prison.
The primary purpose of school-based Crime Prevention Project is to prepare pupils for a life free of crime and enhance their self-reliance after leaving school, in a manner that completes the current education curriculum, through application of practical skills and life skills training.
Why work with school pupils?
  • Schools are a one stop for young people;this is the only place to find them.
  • To complement primary school education curriculum; it lacks practical skills such a agriculture, appropriate technology, value addition and life skills.
  • To intervene at character formation stage and enhance life skills before onset of adolescence. Pupils have the ability to retain skills, knowledge and technologies learnt at an early age.
  • Pupils are more receptive to new ideas than adults.
  • To tap the stronger peer education and influence for effective peer education.
  • To benefit from the good social change and information transfer aspect in them.
  • To invest in the foundation of current and future generations/farmer.
Pupils are trained in sustainable agriculture, appropriate technology, crime and violence prevention, HIV prevention, drug and substance abuse prevention and life skills to become peer educators and agents for reaching out to their parents and the wider community.


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