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About RODI Kenya

Resources Oriented Development Initiatives (RODI Kenya) is a kenyan development organization with a primary focus on restorative prisoner rehabilitation, crime prevention and administration of justice.

RODI Kenya has a mission of promoting human dignity among communities in Kenya and Eastern Africa countries through enhanced food security, health and crime prevention. RODI pursues this mission by using Resources Oriented Development Approach and Restorative Prisoner Rehabilitation Approach towards enhanced community safety, poverty reduction and national development.

RODI is concerned on how offender rehabilitation is conducted in and outside correctional institutions to reduce crime and recidivism.

RODI has a Technical Institute for Sustainable Development and Crime Prevention where short courses in Sustainable Agriculture and Appropriate Technology are taught.
RODI is a Founding Member of TOP Kenya and partner in the DragonFly effect project







Welcome! We are pleased to share with you information concerning our work with prisoners, ex-prisoners, school pupils and community members. Also, please check out our blog here for more information and the latest updates. Thank you!

Our Belief

Our Belief

RODI believes that a fundamental cause of poverty is not lack of resources, but rather a lack of capacity to mobilize local resources and flawed structures that stifle indigenous capacities and undermine local development initiatives. RODI believes in the principle and power of positive thinking and as such uses Resources Oriented Development Approach (RODA), School-based Development Approach, Restorative prisoner Rehabilitation Approach, Peer Education Approach, Group- based Approach, Community Based Development Approach to identify and mobilize local resources.

 Our target groups are pupils, prisoners, ex-prisoners and their home communities. We train them in among other things- Agro-processing and value addition, making soaps and detergents, motorbike repair, Eco-construction, income generation. Ex prisoners are followed up in order to monitor their performance and to work with them and their home communities. They are encouraged and supported to pass on the training to the wider community and where possible form community groups to ease training and reduce poverty and crime. The groups are called Community Livelihood Improvement Groups (CLIGs) 


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Resources Oriented Development Initiatives (RODI) Kenya 
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